Phuket Island Transport

Phuket island transportOnce in Phuket transportation around the island is straight forward and inexpensive.

Taxi and limousine services are available from the airport to all destinations. A journey to one of the major west coast resorts will cost around 400 Baht.
Tuk-tuks are also available from most tourist areas, these are small pick up trucks which have been converted to have seating in the rear. Red in colour, a tuk-tuk can be waved down and you can expect to pay around 100 to 200 Baht depending on your destination.

Buses, or songthaews, are converted pick up trucks which have bench seats and are blue in colour. They have regular routes and carry plenty of passengers. Fares are around 20 to 40 Baht per person.

Car Hire is widely available. Cars are generally in excellent condition and regularly checked for safety and reliability. Prices range between high and low season but are competitive. Insurance cover is offered with the vehicle and it is advisable to accept this otherwise the driver will be liable for all costs in the event of an accident.

Motorbike hire is also available on the Island. It should be noted that motorbikes or scooters have a very high accident record in Phuket. Helmets are compulsory and any rider in violation of this will receive a 300 Baht on the spot fine.

Ferries: There are regualr ferry services between Phuket and the stunning Phi Phi islands. The journey takes a couple of hours and the ferries are in good order. Tour boat companies also offer many excursions to nearby islands such as James Bond Island and the Similian islands which are world renouned for their quality dive sites.

Boat charters: On Phuket you can charter anything from a small longtail fishing boat to a luxury yacht. Boats acan be chartered for one day to enjoy nearby islands and sea fishing. Longer liveaboard charters are also available and boats are well stocked with quality equipment.

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