The Phuket Provincial Land Office

The Phuket Provincial Land OfficeThe role of the Phuket Provincial Land Office

The land office holds all records which relate to land and real estate ownership. In Phuket the Provincial Land Office is located in Phuket City.

The land office records transfers of title and ownership. When a purchase is made written evidence, such as a title deed, should be presented to the land office and the corresponding fees paid. A Lease of 3 years or more should also be recorded at the land office.

Your lawyer will carry out due diligence at the land office and he will check the following information;

1. The title of the land is correct.
Phuket Ocean Villas advise that only land titles of the type Chanote and Nor Sor 3 Gor are registrable land titles and caution is strongly advised when considering the purchase of land with a different type of title.

2. The owners of the land are the actual people selling land and not relatives.

3. The location of the land

4. The size and dimensions of the land.

A condominium has a different title deed, referred to as Nangsue Kammasit Hong-Chut

This document shows the owner of the condominium unit and is registered in the land office.

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