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14/05/2010 - Positively Phuket

There's no denying Thailand has had some bad publicity in the media lately and as a result the island of Phuket has seen tourist arrivals plumet - but far from being downbeat locals and expats on the island continue to enjoy a wonderful island lifestyle, if not at a slightly slower pace than usual....if that were possible.

I asked some clients, expats and locals what they love about life on Phuket and what makes living on the island so special....

Property developer, Paul Moorhouse, has lived in Phuket for decades and I don't think we'll ever get him to leave! -  "I love it for what it is and that is a wonderful place to enjoy life be it great beaches, golfing on several magnificient courses, out on my boat in Phang Nga Bay, having wonderful food looking at a superb sundown, cold beers and some wonderful people's company. In other words there is nowhere else that I would rather make my home."

He's not the only one who shares this sentiment, expats, Robin and Okat have lived in Phuket since 1990, and they say they've never regretted the move, "When we first moved here Chalong was just a minor village, despite lot's of new development, Phuket remains the place to be."

But not everyone is so upbeat, a client of mine, due to fly back to Shanghai tomorrow was a little downhearted, "I've been kayaking nearly everyday around the headland.....the sea is crystal clear and you can see all the beautifully coloured fishes on the bottom....I've extended my stay twice already....and I don't want to go home." 

I don't think it will be long before he's back.  It's not suprising many people want to come back to Phuket time and time again and to make it their permanent or semi-permanent home.  As a tropical island, Phuket is far more advanced than it's counterparts, especially in terms of infrastruture, education and healthcare.

Julie Street, a Bangkok native, has lived in Phuket for several years with her husband Andy, "We have such beautiful beaches, sun, sand, islands, delicious food....furthermore big welcoming smiles.  Phuket is a home to me now as traffic is not as bad as in Bangkok, life is so easy and very comfortable for my children; a good school, lots of activities for them to do.....they love growing up in Phuket."

Charlie Filleul, Sales Director at Malaiwana, Phuket, and mum to son Jack, also sees big advantages in the education system, "Phuket is a perfect place to bring up kid's - with quality International schools and excellent health care, it's also a very child friendly place."

Most business owners living on the island are philosophical about the current lack of tourists on the island, knowing that it is only a matter of time before they will return. 

One retired expat is quite happy about the current situation, "The lack if tourists certainly makes getting around the island a bit easier....but the best part is that I can find my very own bit of beach....I found a lovely spot the other day just north of Layan, just me, my wife, the sun, sea and sand....perfect."

Bill Barnett, Managing Director of C9 hotelworks and a popular personality on the island, added "“After living in Asia for more than half my life I choose Phuket….to live, to raise my family, to run my business. I’ve taken a long term view and Phuket remains my choice of what I consider to be one of the loveliest corners on the planet. “

There is no question that Phuket is one of Asia's most beautiful islands, with a low cost of living, friendly locals, great infrastructure and a climate and beaches which are second to none. Are you Positively Phuket?

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