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18/06/2010 - New Patong Landmark underway in Phuket.

Construction has commenced on a nine million Baht sign welcoming motorists to Patong.

The new sign will feature the words “Patong City” in two-meter-high letters on the cliff face along the eastbound lane of the Patong Hill road.

Pian Keesin, the mayor of Patong,  is certain that the sign is destined to become a famous Patong landmark.

The sign will be illuminated at night by four, six-meter high pillars, each will have a large white ball spinning in water at it's top to signify Phuket's status as “The Pearl of the Andaman”.

The pillars will be decorated with large replica banana leaves made of stone intended to represent the banana trees that were once abundant along Patong Beach before it was developed for tourism. In fact, Patong means "banana leaf forest” in Thai.

Underway at the opposite side of the road is a walkway area and viewpoint that will be 4.5 meters wide and 60 meters long when complete. Unfortunately, people wanting to take in the view will have to do some legwork as there will be no room for parking along the road.

Construction began on April 9 2010 and is scheduled to finish by September 5 2010.

The 9.1 million Baht price tag for the project is being entirely funded by the central government’s Thai Khem Kaeng (Strong Thailand) financial stimulus package.

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