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10/08/2010 - New zoning laws hit Phang Nga province, Thailand

A five year town and city planning regulation restricting commercial development of land within Phang Nga province has been published.  Areas affected include parts of Khok Kloy in Takua Thung District and Natai Beach in Tai Muang District.

The aim is to slow large scale hotel and resort developments being built on prime ocean front land.  However, land for residential living and condominiums will not be affected.

The new regulations separate all land into one of ten zones:

Zone 1: Low density residential zone

Zone 2: Medium density residential zone

Zone 3: Commercial and high density residential zone

Zone 4: Rural and agriculture zone

Zone 5: Open spaces for recreation and maintenance of environmental quality zone

Zone 6: Forest conservation zone

Zone 7: Educational institution zone

Zone 8: Open spaces for maintenance of environmental quality zone

Zone 9: Religious institution zone

Zone 10: Government institution and public infrastructure zone

The zones will designate most beach front land as either forest conservation or for agricultural use.  Areas already earmarked by hotel and villa property developers will now face new challenges and many will be forced to look elsewhere for prime ocean view land.

Developers are likely to look back to Phuket in areas such as the West coast or North of Thai Muang including Tap Lamu, Khao Lak, and Takuapa all of which are not affected by the new guidelines.

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