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23/08/2010 - Phuket Ocean Villas to visit Shanghai

As part of their on-going marketing campaign Phuket Ocean Villas, together with parent company Ocean Villas Group, will be targeting China in the second half of 2010 as they look to add many more High Net Worth Individuals to their already large database of clients.

Sales Director, Rebecca Smith commented; “China has been on our radar for some time now as the wealth in the country increases and new High Net Worth Individuals are being created all the time. China currently boasts over 477,000 millionaires and 89 billionaires and last year added 127,000 new millionaires and 61 billionaires to their ranks. Additionally, the Chinese love to invest in property.”

“We hope to bring in more buyers for our developer partners and we are extremely optimistic based on our market research on China. Shanghai alone has 116,000 millionaires and it’s not just the Chinese as there are over 400,000 expats living in Shanghai alone.”

“The Chinese have been heavily investing in places such as London and Sydney over the last year and we are looking to introduce new opportunities to them that have previously not been available in their country.”

The first port of call for Rebecca and her team will be Shanghai next month culminating with the final visit of the year to Beijing in December.

Developers interested in partnering with Ocean Villas Group should contact Rebecca directly to discuss opportunities further.

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