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21/01/2011 - Phuket, Thailand approve eight new property developments

21/01/2011 - Phuket, Thailand approve eight new property developments

Phuket, Thailand: In a recent meeting, held by the Phuket Provincial Committee, eight new residential property developments have been approved in Phuket.

Phuket Govenor Tri Augkaradacha chaired the meeting which was held at the Phuket Land Office in Phuket Town.

The eight property projects approved were; Jomthong Thalang, by Jomthong Property Co. Ltd., Promphun Paklok, by Baanpromphun Co Ltd, Chalongsuk, by Jarungklin Co. Ltd., Pruksa Ville 45, by Pruksa Real Estate Plc., Poonsup (Songkhun), by Phuket Shinawatra Property Co. Ltd., Rassada Home 2, by Phipop Phlaengjakjang and Torsak Wittayapichet, “Double” project by Pharanee Deejaroernkul and SK Home Saiyuan, by Phuket SK Home Co. Ltd.

Also on the agenda at the meeting in Phuket were further requests to develop new housing projects, construction permits for public utilities and changes to already approved plans.

Following the approval of the eight new property developments, Governor Tri requested that all Phuket property developers carry out construction in strict accordance with the terms laid out in the building permits which were granted.

“The new [property] projects, which range in size, represent continued strength, investor confidence and high demand in the Phuket real estate market,” commented Governor Tri.

For projects with issues related to completion or property developments recently taken over by new investors, the committee asked the developers to follow advice after site visits by Phuket Provincial Hall representatives.

Governor Tri also stressed the importance of minimising the impact of property development on local communities in Phuket; such as prevention of flooding by not allowing “soil run-off”.

Soil run off is caused by construction disturbing or removing top soil which then causes rain water to wash away lose soil and leads to blocked drainage systems, causing flooding.

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